How to Plug a Headset Into a Dell Computer.?


1. Locate the speaker and microphone inputs on your computer. On a Dell laptop, the inputs will typically be located on the front or on the side of the computer. Some models of Dell desktop computers will have speaker and microphone inputs on the
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Hmm... are you sure it is not muted? Try `alsamixer -V capture` and see if you can see the device? Embed
You should also check compatibility of the Microphone, and make sure you are using the correct jack on the laptop. If you are not sure, download the manual from Dell, and it should
Does your headset have two plugs? One will plug into the mic jack that would be your Microphone. The ear part plugs into your sound out or speaker out.
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1. Determine whether you have a USB or the cheaper standard headset by looking at the connector on the end of the headset cable. If your cable has two different ...
I work off of a Dell PC using a Plantronics DA60 and an H61 headset. I dial into my company using a VPN tunnel and have access to the company PBX using a softphone ...
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