Delta Airline Telephone Number?


The telephone number to Delta Airlines is 800-221-1212. There are also several other Delta Airlines phone numbers that are for specific questions one may have.
Q&A Related to "Delta Airline Telephone Number?"
The number for Delta is 800-221-1212, for skymiles members call:
The telephone number for the Ethiopian Airlines is 800 445 2773. There are many questions answered already on their website that could help a person before having to call them.
Delta Airlines, Customer Care T: 1-404-773-0305. For questions and comments T: 404-715-2600. P.O. Box 20980, Department 980 Atlanta, GA 30320-2980.
delta is actually a pricier airline to travel on. i would TOTALLY recommend southwest airlines. I live in arizona and if I want to go to california in a week, i could easily get a
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