How to Remove a Delta Series 1700 Shower Handle?


Having problems with your Delta Series shower handle removal can be a real headache. First, you should locate the serial number and your owner's manual. Then to troubleshoot your problem, you can contact the manufacturer directly and they can walk you through how to fix your specific problem.
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1. Turn the temperature adjustment dial so that its indicator faces upward. A cap covers the screw that holds the temperature adjustment dial against the series 1700's handle. 2.
That is a standard pressure balance valve.Go to web search and type in that model.You should find a picture of that cartridge.If all you have showing is a flat disc then you are looking
One handle sets temperature (mixes hot and cold water) while the other is volume control handle (turns water On and OFF) You operate them accordingly. There is nothing to push.
The Delta Monitor 1700 series is exactly the same as the 1400 series except there are two moving parts on this series, one to turn the cartridge “on” or “off&rdquo
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