How to Remove a Delta Series 1700 Shower Handle?


Having problems with your Delta Series shower handle removal can be a real headache. First, you should locate the serial number and your owner's manual. Then to troubleshoot your problem, you can contact the manufacturer directly and they can walk you through how to fix your specific problem.
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1. Close the water valves to the shower or shut the home's main water lines. 2. Take off the Delta's faucet handle by removing the small screw holding the handle to the stem. This
There has to be a diverter somewhere. It's either a separate valve, or more likely a small knob on top of the the tub spigot that you pull up. The water control valve does NOT have
One handle sets temperature (mixes hot and cold water) while the other is volume control handle (turns water On and OFF) You operate them accordingly. There is nothing to push.
Http:// The very center piece of the temperature setter pops off with a screw driver.
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