Delta Sigma Theta Requirements?


The requirements to be a Delta Sigma Delta is a minimum grade point average of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale. The student must be enrolled at a college or university that has a Delta Sigma Delta Chapter. In addition to these requirements, the student must have admirable character and a willingness to serve their community.
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Delta sigma theta are three Greek letters of the alphabet. It is also the name of a non-profit Greek sorority within many public and private state universities. This sorority is different
It has recently been raised from a 2.5 to a 2.75.
Better is relative but the requirements to join are posted on our national website. As a freshman you would be ineligible for membership on virtually all campuses.
1. Locate the chapter of Delta Sigma Theta nearest you by doing an Internet search. (See Resources for the Delta Sigma Theta website. 2. Download the Cotillion application from the
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There are not many steps that are required for you to pledge Delta Sigma Theta. You have to be enrolled in a baccalaureate program or already have a bachelors ...
To become a Delta Sigma Theta, you must be enrolled at a university where that sorority is represented. You must meet their academic requirements and be willing to agree to their mission and attend the RUSH activities. You can find more information h ...
To pledge Delta Sigma Theta Alumnae Chapter in Little Rock, Arkansas, you can ask a current member about their pledge requirements. you can also try attending ...
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