Dematerialisation of Shares?


The dematerialisation of shares refers to replacing paper share certificates with electronic records. To dematerialise shares that you currently have you will first have to open a demat account. Then return your paper shares to the issuing company, who will then deposit your electronic shares in your account.
Q&A Related to "Dematerialisation of Shares?"
1. When one sells Demat shares, one has to earmark the required number of shares in favour of the broker. 2. If one has more than one Demat accounts with Depository Participants,
Conversion of physical share certificates into electronic shares is known as Dematerialisation of shares. To have your shares dematerialised, shares should have been transferred in
The procedure for dematerialising shares is as under:
Well Ravi! The significant feature of the dematerialised securities is that they are fungible, i.e. all the. holdings of a particular security are identical and inter-changeable and
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