Demodex Canis?


In dogs, mange is caused by a mite that goes by the scientific name of Demodex Canis. Most dogs have mites, in some cases, however, they will cause problems with the animal and can result in a serious skin disease. Signs of mange are red, scaly lesions on the legs or other areas of the dog's body. Once diagnosed by your vet, treatment will most likely include an antibacterial ointment. The condition will usually resolve itself after a short amount of time.
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This is one of those situations where having a chat with your vet about treatment cost is important. Sometimes vets will work with you and find a way to make payments or find ways
i went to the vet and they said my lab pup has got demodex , iv done some research and to control it would depend on how strong its immune system is . how could i help give it that
The mites are transferred directly from the mother to the puppies within the first week of life. Transmission of the mites is by direct contact only. That is, the mother and puppy
The demodectic mite spends it's entire life on the dog. Eggs are laid by a pregnant female, hatch, and then mature from larvae to nymphs to adults. The life cycle is believed to take
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