Department of Children Family Services?


The Department of Children & Family Services is commonly known in some states as Child Protective Services. This department was put into place to protect the well-being of children who are neglected or abused. Child abuse went largely unreported for decades until 19073 when the US Congress passed the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act. Child Protective Services removes children who are in abusive environments and provides services to parents to teach them better parenting skills.
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1. Gather all information relevant to your complaint, making sure that you can clearly articulate what you suspect and why. If you've witnessed any incidents occurring between family
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DCFS and other state social services are completely regulated by the state of location, therefore there is not a national organization that would pertain to such issues. Contacting
Your right... My daughter left her abusive boyfriend after he beat her while she held her 1 month old baby.She left him,moved in with me and 5 days later DFACS knocked on my door.Said
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