What Is the Definition of Deprivity?


Deprivity is the state or an instance of moral corruption or deficiency of virtue and moral principles deprivation is said to be the 'the luxury and b fraud among the higher classes' also moral perversion like the depraved criminals 'a perverted sense of loyalty'.
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the act of depriving.
the fact of being deprived.
dispossession; loss.
removal from ecclesiastical office.
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Deprived means: marked by deprivation; lacking the necessities of life, as
sleep deprivation: a form of psychological torture inflicted by depriving the victim of sleep
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The word deprives means to deny possession or use of something. Deprives also means to dispose or keep from having or obtaining. Deprive is a verb whose past participle ...
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Deprivate can be described as the process or state of being in suffering and lacking any basic material or cultural benefits. It can also refer to the state of ...
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