Desalination Plants in California?


Only one company (Poseidon Resources Corp.) has developed a large-scale desalination enterprise in the US. The desalination plant, which was created using $1 billion of investment, is based in Carlsbad in southern California.
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Desalination Plants in California
The concept of desalination plants -- facilities with equipment that can filter out the salt and other sediments from salt water and make it safe to drink -- has been around since the 1950s, but the idea proved to be too expensive to implement for... More »
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Desalination can be accomplished by one of two processes: distillation or reverse osmosis. Both processes achieve the same end result but work differently. Other processes have been
A desalination plant turns salt water into drinking water. It removes the salt.
Perhaps the engineers haven't screened the intake properly. California doesn't need more water; California needs fewer people. Provide more water and more people will move in to use
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A desalination plant is an installation intended to extract fresh water from salt water by the elimination of salts through a process known as distillation. This ...
There are about 120 countries in the world that have desalination plants, with the most significant users instituted in the Middle East and North Africa. The Middle ...
The cost of a desalination plant depends of its volume capacity. It also depends on energy costs and labor costs. A desalination plant that has a volume capacity ...
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