Describe a Memorable Day in Your Life?


A memorable day in your life is a time that you enjoyed the most, which makes it memorable. Any time that you reminisce about, or when you accomplished a goal. My most memorable moment is when me and my husband went to the beach in California. That was the first time my husband and I went on a trip together.
Q&A Related to "Describe a Memorable Day in Your Life?"
1. Ask yourself what made that day special? Was it a date with the cute guy you always dreamed to be with; was it your birthday or a party? Or simply a day in which you relaxed so
My most memorable day in my life would have to be the first day my child was born and what I experienced. The first look into her eyes, the first touch. When I held my most precious
Think back to that day and try and remember the details, what made
The day my daughter was born....that was the most life changing day in my
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