Describe a Sunset?


Sunset is defined as the disappearance of the sun daily below the horizon in the west. The sun sets at an angular measurement greater than 180 degrees and it is usually as a result of the earth's rotation. In astronomy, it is defined as the moment sun's trailing edge disappears below the horizon.
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1. Use strong adjectives to describe the sunset. Adjectives are words that are used to describe something. These include color words. Sunsets often fill the sky with beautiful colors
Ambient, beautiful, blushing, bright, colorful, dim, fading, hot, orange, pink, radiant, red, romantic, rose colored, rosy, stunning, subtle, yellow.
Its as if the colors and intensity of the light is just enough to calm you.
I'm not sure about 8 o'clock in august...but, haha :') A soft, mellow array of warm autumnal colours, illuminated by the bronzing sun, which has a effervescent halo surrounding its
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There are many words that can describe a sunset. You could say that it looks like a sherbert sundae in the sky. You could say that it looks like a painting. ...
I would describe a sunset to a blind person as a signal of the end of a day. Sunset is a sign of the end of the day and the beginning of night. ...
The gentle glow over the horizon is the signal to many that the sun is setting. It is very important to use adjectives when attempting to describe a sunset because ...
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