How do you describe someone's physical appearance?


If one was to describe physical appearance, they would be describing the outward look of a person. Physical appearance could include hair color, eye color, height, weight, and skin color. Everyone has their own unique appearance, although they may share some physical qualities with another person. To describe physical appearance, one would use descriptive words to explain to someone how a person looks on the outside. Many things can affect physical appearance including genetics, age, ethnic background, and body type.
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1. Take in the whole person. Start with the big stuff, the things that are easy to describe. Are they tall, short, wide, thin, young, or old? Take a quick look at the picture below,'s-Physica...
Hairy, scary, and bushy eyebrows quite the unpleasent fellow.
THE MIRROR. God, I hate it. It's like a little neon sign saying "Hi! The author wants to describe their main character now! So. I usually try to work a physical description in
Scientific research suggests that opinions based on looks alone have been present since ancient man. Much of this strategy is based on fear and the avoidance of that which may be
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