Describe the Modern System of Classification?


You can describe the modern system of classification by use of homologies to pair species into different categories. Species is a collection of organisms that can breed together. Species of same character are grouped into same genus. Same genuses usually are allocated together in a same family.
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The modern system of classification is called "Scientific
There are four kingdoms within the domain of Eukarya. The kingdoms are animals, plants, fungus and protists. Source(s) I teach biology.
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The modern system of classification was developed and proposed by Carolus Linnaeus, in the 18th century. He introduced four categories namely class, order, genus ...
Although only five kingdoms were recognized in the past, many scientists now recognize six distinct kingdoms. They are Protista, Fungi, Plantae, Animalia, Archaea ...
The three domain system is a classification system based modern molecular evidence, and uses the category Domain as a Superkingdom. This system is used to emphasize ...
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