Describe the Three Stages of the Cell Cycle of a Eukaryotic Cell?


The three stages of the cell cycle in a Eukaryotic are Interphase, which also consists of three stages. It then moves on the next stage known as Mitosis whereby the cell divides and partitions copies of its chromosomes. Then it reaches its final stage known as Cytokinesis which is where the entire cell is divided into two new cells.
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Interphase, mitosis, and cytokinesis.
The 3 major cell phases are interphase, mitosis
The cell cycle includes: 1. interphase. 2. mitosis. 3. cytokinesis.
Interphase - 1st stage of cell cycle; where new daughter cells grow by adding cytoplasm & organelles. During the S stage, DNA are copied on dividing cells.
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