Describe Wind?


If one was to describe wind to someone, they would state that wind is caused by the progression of gases on a big scale. Wind is the large movement of air through space. Wind is often classified by its strength and also by its speed. Strong winds can cause great destruction and are difficult to predict. Hurricane force winds are some of the strongest winds that happen on Earth and some places are windier than others.
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Gusty. Cold.
I'm pretty sure it's because the direction the wind is coming from provides useful information. For example, here in the UK wind blowing from the South or south west generally brings
Because it maintains its direction irrespective of who or what is affected how...... and more importantly, it doesn't change direction or intensity no matter what hurdles it comes
Words to describe the sound of wind include bustle,
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The terms 'wind energy' describe the procedure by which wind is employed to produce mechanical power or electricity. Wind turbines change the kinetic energy into ...
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