How do I describe myself in three words?


Narrowing down three words to describe a person can be difficult. However, according to Syracuse University Career Services, it is best to use positive adjectives that can be backed up with specific examples.

The descriptive words used to describe a person should ideally play to the strengths of that individual. For example, if this question is asked at a job interview, the three descriptive words should showcase the positive aspects that the interviewee will bring to that specific job. The words chosen by the interviewee should have specific examples that showcase why each word was chosen. For example, if a person chooses the word "timely," he could point out how he has never been late or missed a day of work.

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The words you use will depend upon you everyones personallity is different and the words you use should portray your personallity try the site below for suggestions.
Funny, caring, kind. Thanks for asking ChaCha!!
Describing oneself in 300 words is a tactful job, and especially when it comes to job interviews. But one thing that i feel is extremely essential to include in the description is
Fun Lovable Smart
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