Describing Words That Start with the Letter D?


There are many describing words or adjectives which begin with the letter D. Some good adjectives that start with D are dear, dull, dainty, damaged, dashing, dapper, dank, deadly, decent, darling, dauntless, decisive, deliberate, deep, dangerous, damp, dancelike, darkhaired, dazzling, delirious,dim, diehard, difficult, dumb, defensive, deaf, danish, delicate, deserted, deluxe, deft, defiant, devilish, devot, demonic, depressed, delphic, definite, delicious, devoted, and dependable. Describing words are known as adjectives and can be used to describe countless things.
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daring. Drab. devious. devilish. dumb. dark. down. dull. delicious. dreamy. dreary. deep. definite. disgusting. dazzling. darling. delightful. dreadful. dramatic. dainty. dynamite
Don and dad are both words that describe a father
· dapper. · dashing. · decisive. · determined. · diligent. · discreet.
Surveyed. Serraded.
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