Description of a Beach?


A description of a beach would include that it is a type of landform which is found near lakes, oceans, rivers, and seas. A beach is formed near the shoreline of a body of water. A beach is composed of small particles of gravel, pebbles, rocks, dirt, and sand. There are many beaches throughout the world and some are pristine in appearance while others are not. Some beaches have white sand, others a yellow sand, and some near lakes and rivers contain a darker colored sand.
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Make sure you mention all the different aspects of it, such as the sun, sea, sand, etc.
Out of the best beaches in the USA, Caladesi Island State Park Dunedin,
Toes in the Sand. Shifting Dunes. Sands of Time. Golden Grains. I love this beach description from Jane Hunt Clark: "Surf sugar-coating the shore" (1977)
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