What are some descriptive words that start with the letter K?


Some descriptive words that start with the letter K include keen, kind, kindred, kinetic, kissable, kitschy, klutzy, knitted, knotted and knowledgeable. There are many other descriptive words that start with the letter K.

Words used to describe nouns are called adjectives. Here are the definitions of some descriptive words that start with K:

  • Keen: to be sharp, eager, strongly felt
  • Kind: gentle, sympathetic
  • Kindred: similar, related
  • Kinetic: resulting from motion
  • Kissable: having potential to be kissed
  • Kitschy: artwork that is pretentious but cheap
  • Klutzy: to be clumsy
  • Knitted: something made by knitting
  • Knotted: having knots
  • Knowledgeable: having knowledge in a particular subject matter

A sentence using one of these words is: The student was knowledgeable in a wide range of subjects.

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Some descriptive words beginning with K: Keen, kind, knowing, and
Kinetic. Kissable. Kaleidoscopic.
kind- 4 letters. kindness- 8 letters. Karma- 5 letters. Kill/er/ing- That doesnt describe me but thats 1. kooky- (crazy) 5 letters. Hope I helped answer mine! http://answers.yahoo.com
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