Descriptive Words That Start with the Letter Z?


Descriptive words are phrases and words that modify the verbs and nouns. Descriptive words that start with letter Z are Zaftig, Zaniest, Zany, Zappy, Zazzy, Zealous and Zebrine, Zebroid. Zenith, Zenophobic, Zestful, Zesty, Zigzag, Zincic, Zinciferous, Zincoid, Zincous and Zincy are other descriptive words that begin with letter Z.
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zipped. Your backpack's not zipped.
Adjectives that start with "z" zaftig, zippy, zany, zealous, and
zein, zoon, zayin, zazen, zeatin, zechin, zircon, zacaton, zecchin, zillion, zithern, zymogen, zymosan, zeppelin. And bonus words: zonation, zwitterion, zoantharian, zooplankton,
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