What were Desert Storm trading cards?


Desert Storm trading cards were made for educational purposes and the proceeds of the sales went to the children of Desert Storm veterans. How much Desert Storm trading cards are worth varies on the condition of the card and whether or not the box was unopened or not. It can range from between $10 to $20.
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The short answer: about $10 for an unopened box or $20 for a full set of mint condition cards. I have an opened box I've been sitting on since I was a kid, anxiously awaiting the
Amazon is selling an unopened pack of 10 for $2.95.
Jane, Because so many companies put out so many different sets of Desert Storm related cards in the early 90's, and because most of them were overproduced your cards are not worth
Book value and what some one is willing to pay for them are 2 different prices check out beckett price guides for trading cards at the book store you don't even have to buy it just
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Desert Storm trading cards are sets of trading cards which feature people and equipment used during the Gulf War, also known as Operation Desert Storm. Values ...
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