Designated Driver Laws?


Most states do not have specific designated driver laws, except that a designated driver cannot be underage. However, designated driving programs and associations exist by region to encourage designated drivers. A designated driver is someone who is chosen to stay sober and drive intoxicated people home after a night out. This can be a night at a bar or a night at a party. Since designated drivers became common, instance of accidents from drunk driving have decreased.
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Alcohol impairs a persons judgement. A person who has 3 drinks or more may believe they can drive a car , but in fact have impaired judgement, reaction time and coordination. Instead
1. Choose a designated driver prior to drinking. Experts agree that having a pre-selected designated driver ups the chances that the individual will be sober and take his or her duties
Yes, Conway's law is applicable to system's development.
stop people robbing banks and world chaos.
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