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Dex Pages is an online version of the old fashioned White Pages and Yellow pages phone books. Unlike the Yellow Pages that lists businesses, the White Pages lists contact information for individuals and families. All one needs to do is enter the name of a business, company or individual in the right field, as well as their zip code and if they have a listed number, their contact information should show. Dex Knows is another version of this service that has a business version and residential version available.
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1. Visit the "Select Your Dex" website. 2. Enter your zip code in the "Let's Get Started" field of the web page. 3. Click the green "Proceed to Select Your
The white pages of a phone book is a telephone directory. This portion of a phone book is where people's names are listed in alphabetical order along with their telephone numbers.
Wikipedia mentions R.H. Donnelley. DEX One It seems the color yellow was because they ran out of white paper. Embed Quote
Dex is one of the leading Yellow Pages publishers. Dex publishes
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In order for one to have their name removed from the phone books white pages involves a few simple steps. First, one will have to call the local phone company ...
The real white pages are a directory of phone numbers that is done for a specific area or region. These used to be delivered to doors or driveways a couple of ...
The Toronto Ontario White Pages can be used to find a person or business with a listed number. It will list their name address and phone number. Some people may ...
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