What is a diagram of how sedimentary rocks are formed?


A diagram of how sedimentary rocks are formed can be obtained from http://sciencenetlinks.com/lessons/how-sedimentary-rocks-are-formed/. Sedimentary rocks are formed by deposition of materials on the earth surface.
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Sedimentary rock can be formed in various ways, and is classified by the method of formation or content. Broadly, sedimentary rock is classified as being clastic, organic, or chemical
There are three different types of rocks that make up the Earth: metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary. As the Earth renews its crust, the sedimentary rocks become metamorphic and
Sedimentary rocks are formed from plants and rocks that sink to the bottom of a water
In the beginning there was but fiery lava. Then lava cooled down. Then rain, ice, wind, animals and plants weathered lava. Then lava became sedimentary particles. Then sedimentary
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