What is a diagram of the real number system?


Real numbers are a combination of rational and irrational numbers. It is any number that represents an amount. A diagram of real numbers shows the sets of numbers that make up real numbers.
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A number line is usually used for this purpose.
1. Factor the equation. For instance, you can rewrite the equation 2x^3+3x^2+2x+3=0 as x^2*2x+3) + 1(2x+3)0, then as (x^2+1)2x+3)0. 2. Obtain the roots of the equation. When you set
You are talking about a real number diagram as if it were the schematics of an electronic gadget. there is not much to it. Just a few circles or enclosures embedded into one another
( ¦rēl ′nəm·bər ′sis·təm ) (mathematics) The unique (to within isomorphism) complete ordered field; the field of real numbers.
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