Diagram of Veins and Arteries?


The veins and arteries in the human body are essential for transporting blood. The arteries are elastic tubes that carry blood away from the heart while the veins are small tubes that carry blood to the heart. Veins are what are necessary when someone has a blood draw performed and a vein that is prominent in the arm is what is coveted by lab workers, nurses, or doctors. Veins have thinner walls than arteries, but are still functional because there is less pressure when blood is returned to the heart than when it is carried away. Diagrams of veins and arteries can be found online at sites like Leaving Bio.
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Major veins: superior and inferior vena cava, femoral vein, jugular vein, pulmonary vein. Major arteries: aorta, corrotid artery, coronary artery, pulmonary artery.
Arteries have thicker walls than veins because they are carrying blood away from the heart and so, in a sense, are working harder. Veins have thinner walls and contain valves to stop
they aren't. The arteries are more elastic to withstand the greater pressure. Without elasticity they would likely burst.
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