Diamond Aura?


A DiamondAura is spelled all as one word and it is a type of synthetic diamond, rather than a true diamond. These stones are created in labs and are made from ash. They have a look and feel of a real diamond without the high price tag. Also, like a real diamond, a DiamondAura stone can cut glass. These faux diamonds are used in rings, bracelets, and necklaces and are offered at about half the price of a true diamond or even less. Some DiamondAura jewelry retails for as low as $99.
Q&A Related to "Diamond Aura?"
Diamond Aura is the name of a SIMULATED diamond, NOT a synthetic diamond. Natural diamonds and synthetic (cultured) diamonds are identical in being made of pure carbon highly compressed
Mew can learn the move Aura Sphere at Lv. 100. The strongest Dragon move TM would have to be Dragon Pulse but the strongest Dragon type move that can be taught would be Draco Meteor
Pokemon Diamond: after Lucario learns Aura Sphere will try to learn Dragon Pulse, Earthquake and Psychic moves. Dragon Pulse strong; not as good as AS.
DiamondAura is a popular, synthetically made diamond. Basic Definition DiamondAura is the trade or commercial name of synthetic diamonds made from ashes. Features DiamondAura diamonds
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