What causes diarrhea in chickens?


Diarrhea in chickens is usually caused by the E. Coli bacteria. Diarrhea in chickens produces loose, watery stools and can range from mild to severe, depending on the strain of bacteria. Different bacterial strains cause different types of infections while some strains cause no infection or diarrhea. Chickens can acquire the E. Coli bacteria through digestion or respiration. The bacteria is more common in younger chickens than older chickens. The mortality rate is also higher for younger chickens than for older chickens.
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Diarrhea can indicate an internal parasitic disease such as the presence of ascarids, large intestinal roundworms. Diarrhea can indicate respiratory diseases such as Newcastle disease
Feed them properly !
Well I know this sounds gross but it depends on what color, how much, if its liquidy, and whats in it. One of my Chickens had that problem and what I did was simply fill its water
You need to make sure chicken is not egg bound where its not laying eggs and it gets like a blockage and can kill the bird, if it has it needs to go to the vet, hope it some help
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