What are dibenzalacetone isomers?


Dibenzalacetone isomers are a type of isomer that are often shortened as DBA. DBA is an organic compound. The scientific formula for Dibenzalacetone is C17H14O. This isomer is often used to make sunscreens and other lotions. This substance is not soluble in water, but can be dissolved by alcohol. The isomer can be prepared in a laboratory setting, and is often made during an organic chemistry class in which college or university students are enrolled.
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those are defined by position of double bonds, the possible one,s are cis-cis,cis-trans,trans-trans.
Sterics. Think about how close those benzyl groups would be to each other if the double bonds were cis.
A sharp melting point suggests one pure geometric isomer. If you have the literature values, the melting point should also let you determine which geometric isomer you have. The trans
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