When Did Atlantis Sink?


Atlantis sank under the North Atlantic Ocean at around 1600 B.C. due to some natural disasters .But that's not all; Atlantis had a (supposing) hidden secret. Some say that it is a myth but others say it is the only truth about Atlantis. It was believed that moments before the disappearance a common girl of an unknown was believed to have found a sacred stone (green in color) believed now to be closely described as called the Jade Stone. Only this one was very different from moderate and updated Jade stone. its was almost its color only it was believed to have a color on it out of this world, no human eye has ever seen. Somehow when she touched it for the second time 'For the second day the sun may open the clouds, the clouds again' the clouds opened and the city was destroyed by an object of which was as smooth and shapely as the sunrise.
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Identification Atlantis is the mythical island supposed to have lain off the coast of Western Europe in the Atlantic Ocean. Stories about Atlantis have been with us since ancient
Atlantis never existed; it's a myth. However, according to treasure-hunting lunatics, it sank under the North Atlantic Ocean at around 1600 B.C. due to some natural disaster. Some
Despite speculation, the truth about Atlantis still eludes us, yet the legends of the
In Greek mythology, the origin of the story of Atlantis, Zeus, Poseidon and the other gods sunk it into the sea using thunder, lightning, fire, earthquakes and sea-quakes.
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Why Did Atlantis Sink?
Lost Atlantis is the subject of classical legend and modern fiction, with many speculating on the idea that Atlantis was a real place and is a genuine lost world. Some fictional tales tell of a still-living Atlantis, populated by fish men, while others... More »
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