Children of Catherine of Aragon?


Catherine of Aragon had a total of six children. However, five of the children died after a few weeks of their birth. The surviving child, who was born in 1516, was known as Mary and grew up to adulthood.
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Catherine of Aragon was a Walsh Princess as the wife to Prince Arthur, and Queen of England as the first wife of King Henry VIII. She gave birth to 6 children, of which 5 were either stillborn or died soon after birth.
Catherine of Aragon, born 16th December 1485, was the first of King Henry VIII's six wives. They married on 11th June 1509. They had six children, three boys and three girls. However, only Mary (later Queen Mary the 1st) survived early childhood or infancy.
Catherine of Aragon gave birth to six children though only one of them survived infancy. Her first pregnancy produced a stillborn after which she gave birth to a son, Henry, duke of Cornwall, who only lived for 52 days. After yet another stillborn, that was her third pregnancy, she had another son named Henry. On 18 February 1516, she gave birth to Mary who later became the queen of England. Catherine gave birth for the last time to a daughter who died within a week.
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Catherine of Aragon had many children but sadly only one of them survived Her name was Mary. Father King Henry vii and mother Catherine of Aragon.
Catherine of Aragon died at the age of 50 by Natural Causes. Catherine was born in December 1485 in Spain and died January 1536. She was married to Henry VIII.
Catherine of Aaragon gave birth to six children* but only two children survived long enough to be christened. Her births were as follows:Stillborn daughter (1510)Henry, Duke of Cornwall
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