Did Dragons Exist?


Dragon are believed to exist and If not, then why are there so many stories about them throughout ancient literature, even down to daily logs of huntsmen on hunting trips, etc. There are no skeletal remains of dragons that have been discovered. When you consider that we have the fossils and bones of many, many different types of dinosaurs from millions of years ago, it seems unlikely that an animal such as this would not have left behind some physical evidence somewhere and that it would have been found by now. Next, breathing fire is universally claimed by the stories about dragons from all over. This seems impossible to us since there are no other animals that share this trait, and since it seems biologically impossible. It seems much more likely that this is some fabrication intended to frighten or impress people, rather than a true account of a bodily function of an actual live animal. The principle of Occam’s razor suggests the simplest answer is more likely the truth, and it is much simpler to think that people just invented this aspect for storytelling purposes. It adds drama and danger and risk, and therefore attributes glamour and virtue and heroism to those who conquer it.
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I don't know, but I like to speculate that when man had seen the entire world through their travels they needed to believe there was something more, and created the dragon. That or
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We don't know for sure. There are a few guesses. 1. The Targaryens started keeping their dragons in a great pit instead of letting them roam free. The dragons born after this were
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