Did Loretta Lynn die?


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Loretta Lynn is alive.
Loretta Lynn is a country music legend whose life story, as told in her 1976 autobiography Coal Miner's Daughter, is almost as well-known as her music. Born and raised in the poor coal mining mountains of Kentucky, she was married by the time she was... More>>
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Loretta Lynn is 74, alive, and kicking.
Loretta Lynn had not passed away as of today, September 19, 2009. She has a concert coming
Big Dave Coombs was the guy that started it. Big Dave thought that Loretta Lynn's ranch would be a good place for the NMA amateur nationals. report this answer. Updated on Monday,
Coal Miner's Daughter (1980) (autobiography)
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Loretta was born Loretta Webb and is the second of eight children. Young Loretta enjoyed singing at church. She grew up in a poverty-stricken coal mining town and married Oliver Lynn a few months before her fourteenth birthday. After four kids, her husband encouraged her to pursue a music career. Her efforts paid off, and Loretta's first single 'I'm a Honky Tonk Girl' was a moderate success. She went on to have a slew of country hits.

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