Did Loretta Lynn die?


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Loretta Lynn is alive.
Loretta Lynn is a country music legend whose life story, as told in her 1976 autobiography Coal Miner's Daughter, is almost as well-known as her music. Born and raised in the poor coal mining mountains of Kentucky, she was married by the time she was... More>>
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Loretta Lynn is 74, alive, and kicking.
Loretta Lynn had not passed away as of today, September 19, 2009. She has a concert coming
Loretta Lynn's Husband, "Doo" Died in 1996 after having both legs amputated, due to heart and diabetes related problems.
He suffered from heart problems and Diabetes and eventually had both of his feet amputated. He died in 1996.
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Loretta was born Loretta Webb and is the second of eight children. Young Loretta enjoyed singing at church. She grew up in a poverty-stricken coal mining town and married Oliver Lynn a few months before her fourteenth birthday. After four kids, her husband encouraged her to pursue a music career. Her efforts paid off, and Loretta's first single 'I'm a Honky Tonk Girl' was a moderate success. She went on to have a slew of country hits.

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