Did Marilyn Monroe have any children?


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Marilyn Monroe did not have any children
Parents: Gladys Pearl Baker and Martin Edward Mortensen
Siblings: had two siblings
Relationship: was married to and divorced from Arthur Miller, Joe DiMaggio, and James Dougherty
Marilyn Monroe's sex appeal, talent and untimely death combined to make her one of Hollywood's most recognizable icons and possibly the world's most famous blonde. Early in her film career she played cheerful but not-too-smart objects of de... More>>
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Marilyn was sadly, unable to have children. While married to Arthur Miller she had two miscarriages, both devastated her.
Marilyn Monroe was married three times and wanted children but could
I saw a documentary on cable about her mental illness..they didn't say specifically what the illness was though but her old physician speculated manic depression. Was she ...show
On her mother's side she was most likely English/German (Baker/Grainger surnames). No one really knows for sure if her biological father was her mother's second husband (listed on
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Monroe suffered from endometriosis, which was often painful and required surgery. Endometriosis also made it difficult for Monroe to become pregnant or carry a child to term. In 1957, Monroe suffered from an ectopic pregnancy and had to have it terminated. Many people believe that Monroe willingly had an abortion; however, she did not have a choice in terminating the pregnancy because ectopic pregnancies cannot safely be carried to term.

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