Did Marilyn Monroe sing Santa Baby?


Marilyn Monroe did not sing "Santa Baby." The song was initially recorded by Cynthia Basinet, who recorded the tune as a Christmas gift for actor Jack Nicholson.

Confusion regarding Marilyn Monroe recording "Santa Baby" is compounded by Madonna's rendition of the tune. In her version of the song, Madonna displays a sing-song and wispy presentation oftentimes associated with Monroe. Musically, Marilyn Monroe perhaps is well remembered for serenading President John F. Kennedy with "The Birthday Song" at Madison Square Garden in 1962. Her rendition of "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" is another of the iconic star's better known musical performances.

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While thought to have been recorded by Marilyn Monroe, Santa Baby was
she sang near 50 non-remixed songs.
Eartha Kitt according to my Christmas CD. xxx. xx. x.
Jessica Simpson. It was on her christmas album.
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