Did the Ultimate Warrior die?


As of March 2014, WWE wrestler the Ultimate Warrior has not died. He has been rumored to have died several times since 1991, but all rumors have had no basis or merit.

The former Jim Hellwig now bills himself as the original Ultimate Warrior and even has a verified account on Twitter as of March 2014. He has also been named a WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2014 Inductee. The original confusion surrounding the "death" of the Ultimate Warrior stems from rumors that Hellwig died in 1991 then the WWE subsequently replaced him with a look-alike to play the part in 1992.

Q&A Related to "Did the Ultimate Warrior die?"
Ultimate Warrior is alive.
Jim Helwig is not dead, though there are rumors that he did.
According to his website, the ultimate warrior didn't die, he said he built an incredibly empowered life on his own terms.
i think he O.D.ed on something, possibly coke or something like that.
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