Did You Hear about the Antelope Who Was Getting Dressed When He Was Trampled by a Herd of Buffalo?


The answer to the algebraic riddle about an antelope getting dressed and being trampled by a herd of buffalo is that the some herds of antelope increase at a regular rate every year. Their numbers will increase by ten times in 10 years, so if they were to grow twice the size of the current rate, there would be 980 antelope in the group in two years. The use of multipliers to represent percentage increases and decreases will help.
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What is the answer to this did you hear about the antelope who was getting dressed when he was trampled by a herd of buffalo ChaCha A.
Im really not sure hehe cuz i am doin dis too but what I did was divided 30 by 3 which equals 10. Then divided 100 by 10 which that = 10 too and that's how I got my answer. sorry
well, as far as we know this was the first self dressed stamped antelope.
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