Difference between a Male and Female Parakeet?


Telling the difference between a male and female parakeet depends on what type of parakeet it is. If you have a budgerigar, know as a budgie, the male will have a blue area right above the nostrils, males are more inclined to talk and female budgies tend to be bossy.
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1. Examine the color of the cere. The cere is the area just above the beak. According to Nikki Moustaki in "Parakeets for Dummies, the cere changes from white or light pink in
you can tell the difference by looking above the beak, which is the nose if the color is pinkish brownish it is a girl. If the color is blue it is a boy!
Females will usually have a pinkish-brown cere. Males have a blue-ish cere. (cere= upper nostril area)
Really their temperment tends to vary more with the individual bird than the sex. Generally speaking males tend to be a little more mellow, and females tend to be a bit more bitey
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Difference Between a Male & Female Parakeet
Determining whether a parakeet is a male or a female is not always cut and dry; while most parakeets are sexually dimorphic, others are not so. This means that some parakeets will display indications of their gender while others will be harder to... More »
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