Difference between a Protostome and Deuterostome?


The mouth of the animal developing from a protostome develops from the first developmental opening. This opening is called the blastopore. The mouth of the animal developing from the deuterostome develops from the second opening on the dorsal surface, which the blastosphere becomes it's butt. They also have different developmental fates; the protostome's eight cells have determined fates while the deuterostome's eight cells can each develop separately into full organisms.
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the fate of their baltspores, cleavage and coelom formation
Protostomes develop so that the first opening in the
In terms of the final adult phenotype - there aren't any, they're simply too different. The closest you could get is relative commonness of cleavage types in protostomes/deuterestomes
It has to do with embryology. There is a blastula stage, where the embryo is a hollow ball. Then there is an invagination, where it pushes in (imagine pressing your finger into a
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