How is gamma different from alpha and beta radiation?


Gamma radiation is waves in the electromagnetic spectrum, as are x-rays and visible light. By contrast, alpha and beta radiation consists of particles. An alpha particle is the nucleus of a helium atom moving at high speed, and a beta particle is an
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The alpha particle has a 2+ charge, beta has 1-
Gamma radiation is a true radiation, radiant energy [See source. described in light only way more energetic. So, like light, gamma is an electro magnetic wave. And that's
Alpha and beta are both particles. Alpha particles are helium nuclei. Because of their mass and charge, they don't penetrate very far through matter, and dump all their energy over
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Alpha radiation is an ejected helium nucleus. On the other hand, beta radiation is an ejected electron. During radioactive decay, the emission of alpha and beta ...
Alpha, gamma, and beta radiation are primary types of radiation. Alpha radiation involves fast-moving high-energy helium atoms. Beta radiation involves fast-moving ...
Alpha differ from Beta glucose due to the ring formations. The difference between Alpha and Beta glucose also include the ring shape. The position of the OH is ...
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