Difference between Anchovies and Sardines?


The anchovy and sardine are both fish from the Mediterranean Sea. However, the difference between them is they are entirely different species of fish.
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A sardine can be almost any small fatty fish but most often is
Anchovies & Sardines are both small,silvery,oily fish, Sardines found mostly around Sardina Island. There are over 140 species of anchovies & found everywhere. report this
they aren't hairy, they're fish. sardines have a mild flavor, not too fishy. you can eat them on crackers as a snack with a variety/combination of condiments, like hot sauce, liquid
There is very little if any difference. Generally a Pilchard is a larger than average Sardine.
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Difference Between Anchovies & Sardines
Anchovies and sardines are both small, silvery, oily fish, and they are even related. Nevertheless, they are different fish, and connoisseurs will even be able to pick out the "true" sardine or anchovy from among the rest.... More »
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