Difference between Angels and Archangels?


The difference between angels and archangels is based on the rank and role. The difference between an angel and an archangel is that an angel is a messenger while an archangel is chief messenger and is above the angel.
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Angel. Both the Hebrew. malakh′. and the Greek. aggelos. literally mean. "messenger. The angels were created long before man's appearance, because we read at the 'founding
An Archangel is higher "ranking" than an Angel. Angels will
There are many, many angels, and only four archangels. The archangels are one of the most powerful creatures in the universe. The Colt cannot kill them (well, it can't kill Lucifer,
To the best of my (limited knowldge), there are no phonics-driven rule for this difference in sounds. The likely reason could be this: Arch in archangel comes from a Greek root meaning
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The Difference Between an Angel & Archangel
Angels, the divine messengers of God, have appeared in some rendition or another in many religious traditions across cultures. When referring to the spiritual beings of the Hebrew and Christian Bibles, the image of a robed, pristine figure with... More »
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