Difference between Apparent and Absolute Magnitude?


The difference between absolute magnitude and apparent magnitude is that absolute magnitude is the brightness of a star at the measurement of 32.6 light years or 10 parsecs from earth. Absolute magnitude is also known as absolute visual magnitude. Apparent magnitude is the brightness of a star as seen by someone on earth and adjusted for the absence of the atmosphere.
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Apparent magnitude. is the brightness of an object as seen from Earth without any atmosphere. Absolute magnitude. is the brightness of an object as seen from a predetermined distance
Apparent magnitudes describe how bright stars appear
Apparent magnitute is how bright a star looks. Absolute magnitude is how bright it really is. The farther a star (or any light source) is, the dimmer it looks. There are methods of
Magnitude is the quantified value of seismic energy produced during an earthquake. It is a specific value with no correlation to distance from epicenter. In other words, magnitude
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