What is the difference between applied and basic research?


In psychology, the primary difference between applied and basic research is that applied research has some mechanism through which it can be directly applied in the real world. In contrast basic research often observes and records certain elements of behavior that are more difficult to generalize. According to California State University, Fresno, both of these techniques are vital to the research process.

Research, especially in social sciences like psychology and sociology, can be broken up into two distinct sections: applied research and basic research. Researchers who focus on applied research attempt to directly tackle an existing real-world problem. These types of studies are usually geared toward developing solutions for behavioral problems and other psychological issues. This branch of research includes studies such as clinical treatments or treatments for mental disorders affecting children.

Basic research explores more fundamental questions about behavioral traits. This type of research is generally not conducted as a means of tackling real-world issues. However, studies of this nature can be used to explain and predict certain types of behavior. Basic research covers topics such as the mechanisms through which memories are stored in the human brain. Basic research also aims to explain, predict and describe the fundamental basis of all behaviors.

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Basic or fundamental research is scientific investigation for its own sake, whereas applied research is carried out in order to discover a solution to a practical problem.
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