Difference between Applied Research and Basic Research?


The basic difference between applied research and basic research are on the way research data are gathered. The conclusion made from applied research is based on actual investigation of the subject. Basic research comes from data that are gathered from the knowledge of different individuals with direct experience about the subject.
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Basic Research is carried out for the sake of increasing knowledge, such as how and why a specific reaction occurs and what the properties of a substance are. Applied research is
Applied physiology goes beyond the study of
Observation Function. Observation involves studying the actions of subjects in their social setting. According to author R. Power, observation allows for the social meanings of the
I was a grad student at UC Berkeley for roughly six years, I've worked at Microsoft Research for roughly five months, and I interned at DoCoMo Labs in San Jose for a summer prior
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Basic or fundamental research is scientific investigation for its own sake, whereas applied research is carried out in order to discover a solution to a practical problem.
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