How Is Baroque Music Different to Classical?


The difference between Baroque and Classical music is subtle but distinct. Baroque music preceded Classical music and is generally considered to be a bit more primitive and less refined. Baroque music also emphasized the use of the harpsichord and string instruments whereas Classical music leaned more towards the piano and brass instruments. Classical music is also considered to be more nuanced than Baroque music, possessing more than one theme.
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Baroque music tends to be for small chamber orchestras and is usually very intricate, with many layers. Classical music tends to be for larger orchestras and for showing off virtuoso
1. Play instruments often used in the Baroque period. These instruments include strings instruments such as cello, violin and bass as well as the harpsichord and woodwinds. Brass
Many styles of music exist within classical music;
Baroque designates the dominant style of European music between Mannerism and Rococo. Classical is a more traditional genre of music.
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