What is the difference between black and white truffle oil?


There are differences between black truffle oil and white truffle oil. Both black truffle oil and white truffle oil are used in cooking. Black truffle oil comes from the black truffle. White truffle oil comes from the white truffle. Black truffle oil has a stronger flavor and is used to flavor sauces and meats during cooking. White truffle oil has a milder flavor and is added to pastas and food dishes after they have been cooked.
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Believe me as a former chef who has used both the main difference is you would find the white to be more musty strong, were the black more of a herby garlic taste. As far as uses,
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Difference Between Black & White Truffle Oil
Truffle oil is considered an inexpensive alternative to actual truffles. But truffle oil may not be what you think it is. Truffle oil is made from an olive oil base to which aromatic ingredients are added to mimic the taste of either black or white... More »
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