How Is a BS Degree with a Major in Nursing Different from a BSN Degree?


Bachelor of Science degree (BS) offers more broad courses for example communications, natural sciences, math and physics while the Bachelor of Science in nursing degree provides students with a basic foundation in science while focusing on nursing as a specialty.
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An associate's degree is a two-year degree which is typically focuses on either general education or a technical skill. Despite the two-year requirement, the degree takes about 20
Essentially, a BS degree with a major in Nursing is more academic and research-focused than a BSN degree. Many BSN programs are now available online for nurses who have a busy lifestyle
An RN is a registered nurse, someone who has taken the
It's no different. Just different wording.
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The Difference Between BSN & BS Degrees
Obtaining a bachelor's degree is a good way to stand out when applying for jobs. Students who want to become a nurse or health care profession have two distinct choices when it comes to a bachelor's degree: they can pursue a Bachelor of Science degree or... More »
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