Difference between Capri and Crop Pants?


The difference between capri and crop pants is the length. capri pants only come to the middle of the calf so they are shorter than cropped pants. Cropped pants end a little bit above the ankle.
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Capri pants are shorter than cropped pants. Capri pants
knickers: just below the knee with gathered banded bottom. cropped: loose fitting, ending at bottom of calf or between calf and ankle. capris: usually slimmer fit, ending anywhere
Capri: also known as "long shorts" typically end mid to upper-calf, just above the knee or anywhere in between. Crop: also known as "short pants" typically end
Capris are close-fitting pants that end just above the ankle (think 1950's). Perfect if you are tall and thin. While cropped pants are basically pants with the bottom 4+ inches cut
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The Difference Between Capri & Crop Pants
Whether discussing the latest fashions or perusing women’s clothing catalogs, you’re likely to come across the terms “capri pants” and “crop pants.” In casual conversation, you may hear these terms used... More »
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