Difference between Central and Pacific Time?


Central and pacific time zones are areas in the world of different times. The difference between these two time zones is 2 hours. If it is 3 o'clock in the pacific time zone, it is 5 o'clock in the central.
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2 to 3 hours.
Pacific time is 2 hours earlier than central. (mountain time is between them) we live in oklahoma, and have family in washington, so we're very familiar with the time difference.
1. Look at a clock or watch that is set to Central time and record the current time. 2. Subtract two hours from the Central time you recorded in step 1. For example, if it is currently
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Difference Between Central & Pacific Time
In the late 19th century, rail travel revealed scheduling problems because each city lying on an east-west route relied on the sun to determine local time. This meant a difference of one minute for every 12 miles of distance. The only solution to this... More »
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